Britannia Scouts rowing a cutter

The committee is a group of parents parents who meet once a month to support the Scout Group and the leaders. They can be seen and sometimes heard at all the scouting events that Britannia attend and turn up in the most inclement weather to support the team.

Currently the Committee is made up of the following parents/caregivers with the following roles.

The Parent Committee

Inger Deighton Chairperson  
Klare Braye Group Leader  
Martin Dannefaerd Treasurer  
  Fundraising Sub Committee  
  Hall Maintenance Sub Committee  
Julian Honiss Equipment and Trailers  
Louise Blair Grant Applications  
Victoria Askew Member  
Vicki Field Member  
Matthew Gault Scout Group Representative  


Note:  Not all positions have been filled and if you're reading this you need to understand that Britannia needs all parents and caregivers to contribute by supporting fundraising events, refit, and regattas, because without your help the group cannot function and continue to provide an active program for the scouts and venturers.