Britannia Scouts rowing a cutter

Britannia is unique in that it holds fast to tradition, we are the only Sea Scout Troop in New Zealand that still sail and maintain all wooden boats. Apart from a few glassfibre kayaks we do not have any other fibreglass craft.

Every winter we take each boat out of the water and carry out a complete refit to prepare the boat for the forthcoming sailing season.  See here for a little slice of history about our cutters.

A list of our current craft.

Name Type Num
Conistan Whaler  
Gordon Campbell Cutter 9
Britannia Cutter 10
Amokura Cutter 11
Falcon Cutter 12
Takapu Sunburst 381
Rakau (Currently not on the water) Sunburst 390
Korora Sunburst 602
Windhover Sunburst 611
Solar Flare Sunburst 1202
Takahe Dingy  
Pukeko Dingy  
Toia RIB