Britannia Scouts rowing a cutter

Leaders provide young people with exciting and challenging experiences and then help them use those experiences in their personal and social development.

Leaders are supported by a formal training programme and are encouraged to further develop their skills through informal training experiences and sharing ideas with each other.

Adults often find that becoming an occasional Helper or Supporter is a rewarding way of offering a little of their spare time.


Leaders often speak of how rewarding it is to volunteer with SCOUTS New Zealand. The exact function of Helpers and Supporters will vary and are as wide ranging as making drinks for Scouts to towing a boat trailer to a regatta for Scouts.

Becoming a Leader is an effective way of contributing something worthwhile to your community...Many parents choose to become a Leader of a Cub Pack, Scout Troop, or Venturer Unit, and experience SCOUTS for themselves. They get the best of both worlds: spending time with their children and watching them grow, but also learning and challenging themselves as they progress through SCOUTS New Zealand's Leader Training scheme.

At Britannia we're always looking for new leaders, full and part time or even just to help out. We'd love to talk to you about becoming a leader and how you can benefit from being part of Scouting in New Zealand.

If you're interested please contact the Britannia leadership team directly or via email on the contact page.
Our current leadership team consists of:

Britannia Scouts Leaders
Group Leader Klare Braye
Leader Graham Leslie
Leader Margaret Earle
Leader Vivian Christy-Jones
Leader Tom Leslie
Leader Megann Devereux
Leader Matt Galt
Leader Tim Gault
Leader Sarah Bennett
Leader Pipi Sargent
Leader Dani Bettany
Britannia Cubs Leaders
Leader Alice Leslie
Leader Chora Carleton
Leader Harley Spence