Britannia Scouts rowing a cutter

Britannia has adopted the new scout uniform introduced last year.  At the same time we have changed the way uniforms are provided.  You now have to purchase your uniform shirt from the Scout Direct website.  Click here for the Scouts Direct website.  The Sea Scout shirts are shown below:


Three quarter sleeve uniform shirt

Note: Experience has shown that the sizing for the shirts on the website is on the smaller side so make an allowance for this when purchasing.


Britannia have retained the traditional sailors hats, belts and lanyards as part of the uniform.  However apart from the lanyards we are unable to supply these additional uniform elements.  There may be a small number of second hand hats available but if they are not your size then you will need to find another source.  Army and Navy suplus stores often have hats and Trade Me is another place where hats and belts can sometimes be found.  Overseas websites can often supply hats at reasonable prices, this one is an example Becketts Adventure where hats can be sourced.

Having purchased a uniform shirt the next question is always where do the badges go.....???  This badge placement page will show you where to locate them and the scout should be the one to sew the badges into position using thread the colour of the badge.