Capsize @ Petone
Sunbursts @ Sea
A day sailing
No wind @ Petone
Practice @ Petone
Sailing @ Kapiti

Britannia Sea Scouts offers an exciting programme of boating and Scouting activities for boys and girls.

Activities are held each week at the Scout hall including sailing, rowing and badge work. During the summer months Britannia Scouts take part in local regattas and races.


Britannia Scout Leaders   Meeting Details  
Group Leader Klare Braye   Address: Scout Hall, 421 Evans Bay Parade, Wellington
Leader Graham Leslie   Britannia Sea Scouts: Wednesday evenings 7-9 pm
Leader Margaret Earle     Sunday afternoons 1-5pm
Leader Vivian Christy-Jones      
Leader Tom Leslie   Britannia Cubs: Thursday evenings 6.30-8 pm
Leader James Royson      
Leader Matt Galt   Britannia Keas: Monday evenings 6-7pm
Leader Sarah Bennett      
Leader Pippi Sargent      
Britannia Cub Leaders    
Leader Alice Leslie    
Leader Chora Carleton    
Leader Elisabeth Christy-Jones    
Britannia Kea Leaders    
Leader Dani Bettany    
    See where we are located in Evans Bay.