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A typical day at Britannia Sea Scouts

By Ethan Blackstock. There is no such thing as a typical day at Sea Scouts as every week is


Before we do anything at Sea Scouts we put up the New Zealand flag.

The bosun starts by saying “flag” then the bosun’s mate comes to the

flag and they put the flag up. The bosun’s mate then stands in front

of the flag then we all do the Scouts salute. After the flag is put up,

we do the inspection. The Scout leaders will come to each watch

(starboard, port, aft, forward and mid) and inspect our clothing,

because you are meant to wear the Scout’s shirt and scarf, black

pants and black shoes. (The leaders of groups at Sea Scouts are

called bosuns and each group is called a watch).

Once the formal stuff is out of the way, we get on with our activity,

such as rowing which is what we did last week. First, the leaders put

us into two groups, and then we hopped onto the boats. We then

had a Coxswain tell us orders such as to put our oars into the

crutches, then we started to row. We all had to row in time to make

sure that we could go as fast as possible. We were out on the water

for about forty minutes.

When we came back in we had to throw a rope to one of our leaders

so they could tie our boat onto the hall. We then all got out of the

boat so that we could put it away in the boat shed. This process

involved someone getting back in the boat so that they could give us

the rope to pull in the boat. We all pulled the rope until some people

could get their hands on the boat and then we pulled the boat in.

Once we got the boat fully in the shed, we took all the stuff out of

the boat. We then repeated that whole process for the other boat.

When we are all back in the hall we take the flag down. Then we

change the watch that is in charge, so that next week we have a new

bosun in charge. Next the bosun says “turn right, dismissed” and we

all go home.

In my opinion Scouts is a great thing to do because you learn new

opportunities such as rowing and sailing. Everyone that does Scouts

enjoys it so I think that you would too, I encourage you and anyone

you know to join Britannia Sea Scouts.

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Britannia Sea Scout Hall

421 Evans Bay Parade, Hataitai, Wellington 6021


We are right on the water among the boatsheds, 100m north of Evans Bay Yacht Club



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